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adrw // Andrew Alexander

Christian Embassy

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The Christian Embassy supports diplomats, Members of Parliament, Senators, and business leaders with resources and events to help them pursue excellence in leadership and discover the hope and light of Jesus.

After years with a basic website built on a humble budget, new site development was desperately needed as their reach grew to new leaders in Ottawa.

Old website that didn't play too well with smartphones

I helped Christian Embassy by building a new website on Wordpress and optimizing it for mobile loading speed. This was an especially important priority given how busy leaders would be likely viewing the website on the go.

"I have appreciated working with Andrew on our website and his patience in helping me establish an effective digital presence of the Christian Embassy. My prayer is that the website will be a helpful resource to leaders across the globe, inspiring them to lead like Jesus!"

  • Stephanie Dyck, International Representative at the Christian Embassy
New website, completely mobile friendly!

As our country's leaders continue to face the tough situations that will test their leadership, I hope the new website can provide some resources to support them in their positions. Check out their new website.

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