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adrw // Andrew Alexander


Projects, Hackathon, Skill(Javascript ES5/ES6/ES7), Skill(HTML), Skill(CSS), Skill(Google-Maps-API), Pitch, Skill(Video-Production)1 min read

Check out the repo on GitHub.

Built at Hack the North 2015, Losocco is Amazon meets Craigslist for local stores.

Customers can browse aggregated inventories of all local stores, see where items are closest to them on a map, pay with PayPal or Bitcoin, save their favourites with their Facebook Login, and local stores get seamless Quickbooks integration for all in app transactions.

Our team of four built Losocco using Meteor.JS and many sponsor APIs as listed above.

I designed and coded the custom Google Maps integration with their Javascript API, the new product form and merchant account page with HTML5/CSS3, and produced the demo video in 36 hours.

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