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adrw // Andrew Alexander

Resume Scoreboard

Projects, Hackathon, Skill(Material-Design), Skill(Javascript ES5/ES6/ES7), Skill(HTML), Skill(Sass), Pitch1 min read

At Hack the North 2016, I built Resume Scoreboard.

Check out the repo on GitHub.

Play around with the app at

When you apply for jobs through Jobmine, Monster, or a company website, your resume can easily get lost among hundreds or thousands of others. Internal hiring managers use keyword searches to find relevant applicants who have the right experience, job titles, or languages.

But unlike with Google searches, you can't verify where you rank, whether you're on the first page of results, or the 16th.

Resume Scoreboard changes this by giving applicants the chance to see how their resume compares to the job description before applying.

Resume Scoreboard
  1. Copy the job title & description you're applying to
  2. Copy in your resume text
  3. See your score on a simple base 10 scale
  4. Click more to see details and areas to improve

Built in AngularJS 2, with Firebase and Material Design by Andrew Paradi at Hack the North 2016.

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