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adrw // Andrew Alexander

Every Giant Will Fall

Songs, Songs(Worship)

1Capo 3
3Em7 C2 G x2
5[Verse 1]
6 Em7 C2 G
7I can see the promised land
8 Em7 C2 G
9Though there's pain within the plan
10 Em7 C2 G
11There is victory in the end
12 C2 Em7 D
13Your love is my battle cry
15[Verse 2]
16 Em7 C2 G
17When my fears like Jericho
18 Em7 C2 G
19Build their walls around my soul
20 Em7 C2 G
21When my heart is overthrown
22 C2 Em7 D
23Your love is my battle cry
24 C2 Em7 D
25The anthem for all my life
27[Chorus 1]
28 G
29Every giant will fall
30The mountains will move
31 C2
32Every chain of the past
33You've broken in two
34 Em7
35Over fear, over lies
36We're singing the truth
37 C2 D
38That nothing is impossible
39 C2 Em7 D G C2 Em7 D G
40With you With you
42[Verse 3]
43 Em7 C2 G
44There is hope within the fight
45 Em7 C2 G
46In the wars that rage inside
47 Em7 C2 G
48Though the shadows steal the light
49 C2 Em7 D
50Your love is my battle cry
51 C2 Em7 D
52The anthem for all my life
54[Chorus 2]
55 G
56Every giant will fall
57The mountains will move
58 C2
59Every chain of the past
60You've broken in two
61 Em7
62Over fear, over lies
63We're singing the truth
64 C2 D
65That nothing is impossible x2
66 C2 Em7 D G C2 Em7 D G
67With you Oh, nothing is impossible
69[Chorus 2]
70 C2
71No greater name
72 D
73No higher name
74 Em7
75No stronger name
76 D
77Than Jesus
79 C2
80You overcame
81 D
82Broke every chain
83 Em7
84Forever reign
85 D
86King Jesus
89No greater name
90 D
91No higher name
92 Em7
93No stronger name
94 D
95Than Jesus
97 Am7
98You overcame
99 G/B
100Broke every chain
101 C2
102Forever reign
103 D
104King Jesus
107Every giant will fall
108The mountains will move
109 C2
110Every chain of the past
111You've broken in two
112 Em7
113Over fear, over lies
114We're singing the truth
115 C2 D
116That nothing is impossible
120Every giant will fall
121 Am7 G/B
122The mountains will move
123 C2
124Every chain of the past
125You've broken in two
126 Em7 D7
127Over fear, over lies
128 G Am7
129We're singing the truth
130 C2 D
131That nothing is impossible
132 C2 Em7 D G C2 Em7 G
133With you Oh, nothing is impossible
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