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adrw // Andrew Alexander

Forever, He is Glorified

Songs, Songs(Worship)

2G D Em C
4[Verse 1]
5G D
6The moon and stars they wept
7 Em
8The morning sun was dead
9 C
10The Savior of the world was fallen
11 G D
12His body on the cross
13 Em
14His blood poured out for us
15 C
16The weight of every curse upon Him
19G D Em C
21[Verse 2]
22G D
23One final breath He gave
24 Em
25As Heaven looked away
26 C
27The Son of God was laid in darkness
28G D
29A battle in the grave
30 Em
31The war on death was waged
32 C
33The power of hell forever broken
36G D
37The ground began to shake
38 Em
39The stone was rolled away
40 C
41His perfect love could not be overcome
42G/B D
43Now death where is your sting
44 Em
45Our resurrected King
46 C
47Has rendered you defeated
50 G D
51Forever, He is glorified
52Em C
53Forever, He is lifted high
54 G D
55Forever, He is risen
56 Em C
57He is alive; He is alive
60G D
61The ground began to shake
62 Em
63The stone was rolled away
64 C
65His perfect love could not be overcome
66G/B D
67Now death where is your sting
68 Em
69Our resurrected King
70 C
71Has rendered you defeated
74 G D
75Forever, He is glorified
76Em C
77Forever, He is lifted high
78 G D
79Forever, He is risen
80 Em C
81He is alive; He is alive
84G D
85We sing hallelujah
86 Em
87We sing hallelujah
88 C
89We sing hallelujah
90 G
91The Lamb has overcome (x2)
94 G D
95Forever, He is glorified
96Em C
97Forever, He is lifted high
98 G D
99Forever, He is risen
100 Em C
101He is alive; He is alive
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