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adrw // Andrew Alexander

Tech Organization Resources

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A collection of helpful blog posts, articles, and podcasts as it relates to programming and working in a tech organization.

Organization Structure & Culture

  • The Tyranny of Structurelessness
  • Better coordination, or better software?: Don’t unify tracking tools. Don’t make coordination smoother. Make delivery smoother! by strengthening boundaries.
  • The Old Guard
  • How Stripe Built a Writing Culture
  • Delay Giving Job Titles
  • No Hello: faster slack communication by sending complete first messages instead of distinct "hello" introductary messages
  • Slime Mold: Bottom up organizations are analogous to slime mold and iterative decoupling to maintain smaller autonomous team loosely convering towards the same north star is necessary than attempting to have a big, bottoms-up org function effectively
  • The Maze in the Mouse: 2023 view on the failures of Google culture and organization to ship
  • Why Did I Leave Google, or Stay So Long: 2021 view on the impossible to overcome challenges of building within a bureaucracy after a startup acquisition
  • Internal Communications Leaked in Subpoenas

Career Growth

Coding Velocity

1 on 1s


Technical Opinions



  • "Less code is better code, therfore no code is the best code" – Wil Shipley
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