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Hired Series

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For Summer Sixteen, I wrote 3 posts on crafting a resume that will help you get interviews for technical jobs. Let me know if they help you this hiring season!

I: 6ix Questions to Focus your Resume on Impact

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Job and project descriptions resonate with recruiters when you can share specific impact, data, languages, or skills. The 6ix questions in this post will help you determine the best way to quantify and share the impact you had in your position or on a side project.

Read part 1 here

II: Your Resume Needs SEO, Here's How

DSC 0543cr

When you apply for jobs through Jobmine, Monster, or a company website, your resume can easily get lost among hundreds or thousands of others. Internal hiring managers use keyword searches to find relevant applicants who have the right experience, job titles, or languages.

But unlike with Google searches, you can't verify where you rank, whether you're on the first page of results, or the 16th. In this post, I share the strategy I use to feature and reinforce relevant keywords so my application doesn't get lost in the noise.

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III: Your Resume Shouldn't Read like a Restaurant Menu

DSC 0249cr

Most resumes look the same. Name, contact, education, work experience, interests. Without a deliberate effort to tie all of the sections together, your resume ends up reading more like a restaurant menu.

Your resume can't be just a list of lingo and jobs. In this post, I share how to turn your resume into a persuasive argument for why you deserve an interview.

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