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Tinder for Blogs

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This summer I'm writing a post every week.

Here's what I've written so far

And you can use Tinder to choose what I write next.

Each post will answer a frequently asked question from friends, classmates, or from the Tinder form below every post.

I'm stoked to start this journey together! We're going to travel through different topics and discussions around how to:

  • Land your dream job – stop missing out on interviews, getting underpaid, and figure out stand out
  • Lead a team or startup like a pro – stop making rookie mistakes that destroy culture and lead to failure
  • Write applications that secure government grants, win competitions, and land interviews at incubators – your required first year English course doesn't teach this
  • Manage finances so you can have real freedom for life – it doesn't even require moving to 'Murica!
  • ...and answers to other questions you have!

Now like any millennial, I don't think we need to give this name. There isn't going to be a formal structure to the series or strict commitment to any topic. We don't need to formalize this relationship.

This is going to be Tinder for Blogs.

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  2. If you think the post was kinda meh, swipe left and suggest a topic that you'd rather read next time.
  3. Please help me test this today, swipe right or left below!

So that's the plan! andrewnotes is getting a reboot...and this next chapter is going to be an adventure together!

The next post drops this Friday.

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Original Tinder Feedback Form (Not accepting responses anymore)

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