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adrw // Andrew Alexander

A War of Loves

Books, Author(David Bennet)1 min read

2018 | David Bennet

This book came recommended strongly from Jefferson Bethke ("To Hell with the Hustle") on his Instagram.

In "A War of Loves", author David Bennet writes autobiographically of his life from growing up in an agnostic household, realizing he was gay after puberty, and becomining a gay activist in high school and college, to astonishingly having a profound encounter with Jesus in a pub at 19 and choosing to follow Him.

He chose to study philosophy at University of Oxford and now lives as a Christian, celibate gay choosing to live for Christ in every aspect of his life.

The book is fascinating in how Bennet is able to provide perspective from and to both traditional and progressive viewpoints on the issue both in the church in secular society. His encounters with Christ and the Spirit are extraordinary and worthy of reading.

Bennet's words are prophetic as many denominations and churches continue to either sway into culturally acceptable affirming views of same-sex relationship or pushing the LGTBQ+ community away from every possibly knowing Jesus because of their sexuality. Both approaches do not serve the Kingdom goal of all people coming to know Jesus and following Him in all aspects of their life.

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