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2020 | Alee Denham

While browsing YouTube I stumbled upon Simon Yu's video series of his bike touring trip around Taiwan.

Bike touring seemed like a perfect combination of the biking I enjoy at home and the backpacking style of travel that made our Asia trip such an adventure in 2018.

While starting my research on how best to consider a bike touring trip, I quickly came across the extremely thorough website full of resources by Alee Denham who has been bike touring professionally on multi-month and multi-year trips for almost a decade.

After watching many of his videos and reading countless of his bike reviews and how to tour posts, I took the plunge and bought his ebooks:

The books were great and well worth the minimal cost! Alee also was responsive by email with my questions which was a great surprise and much appreciated.

Bicycle Touring in One Hour

The book fulfills the title very well covering the full breadth of what a bike tour involves in terms of planning, equipment, and even social dynamics of travelling with others.

I very much appreciated the broader understanding that the book provided to an exciting idea that seemed at first too complex or athletically strenuous to seriously consider; yet now seems like a great possibility for a next trip!

The 2020 Touring Bicycle Buyers Guide

This book gets much more technical in explaining the ins and outs of bike geometry and different types of hardware for all parts of the bike. It was also very thorough and very helpful in helping me choose a new bike.

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