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adrw // Andrew Alexander

No More Mr Nice Guy

Books, Author(Robert A Glover)1 min read

2003 | Robert A Glover

After discovering and healing from how his own childhood psyche of being a "Nice Guy" had wrecked havok in his relationships, work, and life, the author set out to write a book and start therapy groups around its ideas to help other men escape a similar trap.

Recommended by a friend who declared it a breakthrough, I was skeptical and didn't look at it for a few months. Later another friend mentioned how he was reading it and I decided to pick it up.

I had a similar experience to the first friend, I was barely able to make it through the introduction, aghast at how accurately it described my internal feelings, motivations, deception, flaws, and failures.

I'm intrigued, hopeful, and frightened by the rest which contains practical actions to take to help heal myself and become an integrated man.

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