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The Good Girl's Guide to Great Sex: (And You Thought Bad Girls Have All the Fun)

Books, Author(Sheila Wray Gregoire)1 min read

2012 | Sheila Wray Gregoire

Though I found the first few chapters a bit hard to get through with the at times too cutesy language, the book is now one of my top practical recommendations for the topic.

I appreciated the thorough overview of perspectives from both husbands and wives, punctuated by quotes from real people sourced from the author's surveys which provided a brutal and sometimes hopeful honesty to underline the points the author was conveying.

For example, the book had the majority of quotes from the author's readers who were women, and from their stories of pain, resolve, hope, and/or union with their husbands, I could better empathize with the experience of my wife. One of the chapters was dominated by the survey she did of men, many quotes vulnerably sharing how certain experiences and responses from their wives had affected them personally and the trajectory of their marriage. I empathized with certain situations and was left with hope reading how husbands and wives in different seemingly bleak situations have turned the direction of their marriage towards intimacy and oneness.

Additionally, the author's personal accounts and stories from her marriage were helpful in providing practical understanding of theory and in some cases a great example of how humility in the face of criticism or failure can lead to success as a willingness to change actions and attitudes allows positive change and growth to flourish.

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