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adrw // Andrew Alexander

The Right Side of History

Books, Author(Ben Shapiro)1 min read

2019 | Ben Shapiro

This is the first book that I've listened to by Ben Shapiro. I first came to know about him in 2016 through his university lectures published on YouTube and for a time listened to his daily podcast.

Unlike other news and politics shows, Ben often was comfortable straying into more philosophical and religious topics when answering viewer questions, talking candidly about his life as a practicing Orthodox Jew, and analysing the changing cultural morals taking place in the West.

I found this book, The Right Side of History, a concise overview of what "Western Civilization" has come to encompass. Shapiro reviews origins in the Jewish and Christian religious texts and the philosophy and reason of the Greeks, and how that foundation was built upon over the centuries and through the Enlightenment by many into the culture, logical reasoning, ethics, and societal morals that were dominant across Western countries up until 1950.

Though it is intersperced with some ideological rhetoric, it is a good read. And to that defence, political points seem to largely be to explain his motivation to write the book coming from the polarized, extreme Maoist university protests of his and other right wing speakers starting in 2015.

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