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When the Body Says No: Understanding the Stress-Disease Connection

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2011 | Gabor Mate

A fascinating book by Dr. Gabor Mate (author of Hold on to your Kids) investigating how stress not only has obvious effects on mental health but can also cause physical diseases in the body.

The book cuts directly against the common separation of body and mind that most people, including traditional medical and research communities, hold limiting consideration of stress as a cause for physical diseases including cancer, MS, ALS, and other auto-immune diseases.

Key examples from MS come from numerous patients who from childhood stress induced by lacking parental attachement, abuse, or alcoholic parents, become numb to this toxic, unprocessed emotions and stress and live with it for years until their body starts to break down as a result of stress induced MS.

Key examples in ALS come from most literature commenting on the upbeat, workaholic, role filling, self-less (not knowing their true self) personality present in ALS patients who seemed unable to let go of self-imposed duties, fulfilling them ultimately unto their ALS imposed death.

With numerous case studies and investigations into key diseases and common stress and mind characteristics of their patients, Mate left a lasting impression on the seriousness that stress can have not only on mental health, but on physical as well.

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