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Kingdom Projects Fund

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Serving Christ involves all our soul, heart, mind; our skills, talents, riches, time; everything we have.

His Kingdom is being built, and we can be part of the building team.

Suzie and I are figuring out how that looks like with respect to being portfolio managers for our own Kingdom Projects Fund.


Even before we got married, Suzie and I had been talking about what this might look like. When we got married in July 2018, we started setting aside into a dedicated savings account a percentage of income every month to go towards kingdom projects.

What to fund?

This is a big question. A portfolio manager is judged by what they invest in that determines the fund returns.

For our Kingdom Projects Fund, the concept of Return on Investment (ROI) looks something like, how does every dollar we invest in a project contribute to the Kingdom being built?

  • Is there a higher ROI with projects in different countries?
  • Do certain projects that require more capital return enough to justify the high cost?
  • Are the organizations stewarding resources wisely? Expense ratios?
  • Is the project contributing to cycles of dependency? Is it part of the problem of Toxic Charity?
  • Is the project helping bring people to know Christ?


  • Fields of Gold
  • Toxic Charity
  • Gregg's book
  • David Platt Radical Podcast Episode
    • Imagine you're from Australia and came on a long trip to the US for 6 months. You can only take the money you wire back to Australia with you when you return. You can't bring any checked luggage, any shipping containers, any US Dollars back with you. Would you focus all of your wealth you make in the US on outfitting your hotel room with the most coordinated interior design, buying a condo, or focusing all your time on your material comforts? Of course not, you would cover your basics at a simple hotel, your meals, and send the rest back to Australia where it would count long term. Our relationship to money in this life in comparison to contributing to God's kingdom should be the same. We should cover our minimum and send the rest to heaven where our returns will be multiplied when we go to our true home at the end of this life. – summarized story from David Platt

Current Projects

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