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adrw // Andrew Alexander

The Seven Day Family

Faith1 min read

Notes from taking The Seven Day Family course.

  • The 7 day week is a gift from God
    • Day: The earth rotates once
    • Month: The moon rotates the earth once
    • Year: The earth rotates the sun once
    • Week?
    • The 7-day week isn't astronomically based but is a gift from God, a cycle length that leads to human flourishing
    • Other civilizations (French after 1700s Revolution) have tried different length weeks and they collapse for various reasons
    • "And he said to them, “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath." - Jesus, Mark 2:27
  • Weekly rhythms have allowed the Pryors to have a household of shalom (peace) despite the chaos and activity that naturally comes from having 5 kids
    • Rhythms provide something to look forward to
    • Kids especially, long to know what the day and week has ahead, rhythms provide some valuable structure
  • Your week reflects your identity
    • Your seven days reflect what you most value. If there are parts of your identity you hold closely that aren't reflected in your week, they aren't your real values.
    • Consider your individual identities (musician, ...) and your relational identities (husband, father, son, wife, mother, daughter, friend...).
    • Your life will be more meaningful when your weekly rhythms lean more into relational identities. Relational identities tend to be more meaningful than individual identities that are often more focused on "doing" than "being".
  • Your rest is wasted if unplanned
    • Deliberately plan a sabbath rest day with activities that leave you feeling refreshed and rested
    • Simply "not working" doesn't guarantee rest because often we'll get bored and lurch towards the first activity that comes to mind, often one that isn't restful
    • Planning out a sabbath day with different activities that bring rest leaves to a longing for sabbath and truly feeling refreshed by it
  • Rhythms will look different in new seasons
    • Rhythms for a new mom or one with teenagers will look different and that's okay.
    • Some weekly schedules will have a lot more whitespace baked in because of that season.
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