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adrw // Andrew Alexander


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The delicious aromas waft from the food stands confirm that he has reached the outskirts of the majestic bazaar. This marketplace teaming with vendors of food and oils, thickly woven carpets and intricately stitched garments, spices and scarves, leaves no chance of boredom as his senses are filled again and again by the surrounding bustle.

He makes his way through the narrow aisles, each person seemingly oblivious to the surrounding flurry as each makes their own path or barters with merchants. Out of the corner of his eye, something rushes towards him. The man loses his train of thought as he is forced to step over a chicken, it runs beneath his right foot. Yet as he stops for a moment to look around, a young boy and girl brush past his legs in hot pursuit. He smiles reminded of his escapades when he was young.

He soon arrives at his destination. He is warmly greeted and welcomed in by his favorite seller of fine cloths. The friendly merchant brings forth a bolt of fabric the man has never seen before. It beams an emotive crimson red, his eyes dart across the pattern to the intricate designs woven in deep blue and gold thread.

The man has found what he has been searching for and exchanges the liras to buy a single bolt of this mesmerizing fabric. He can already envision the way the fabric will dazzle his own customers when he crafts the pattern into clothes.

The fabric seller turns back to his books to note down the transaction, scrawling down the name of one of his most intriguing customers, LAWRENCE.

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