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adrw // Andrew Alexander


Experience, Experience(Work), Skill(Javascript ES5/ES6/ES7), Skill(HTML), Skill(Sass), Skill(Google-Analytics), Skill(Optimizely), Skill(Mailchimp), Skill(Sales-Copy), Skill(Video-Production)1 min read

As Summer '16 Developer and Growth Intern, I led signup and onboarding development and ended up boosting signups by 74%.

At Blitzen, I worked on all aspects of the signup and onboarding process from the main website to onboarding emails and initial in-app experience.

Optimizely A/B Split Tests on all CTA signup buttons on feature sections.

After identifying key issues with their growth funnel, I quickly prototyped a revised site in HTML/SASS. With simplified visitor experience, optimized copy, and more CTA buttons, we soon saw inbound signups ticking up for the first time in months. Using Optimizely, I A/B split tested my version and we soon saw a 74% boost in inbound signups.

In one sales meeting, I heard of customer concerns on pricing. I suggested a dynamic pricing strategy with a slider on the website to allow for more pricing flexibility without the clutter of more plans. With a quickly built, mobile ready prototype in HTML/SASS and jQuery, both dev and sales teams approved the new strategy and it is in testing now.

Dynamic pricing slider, from 4 old plans to a simplified UX for 2 base plans and 20 total options.

I also frequently advocated for more robust internal use of data for decision making. After outlining project specifications, I led integration of Optimizely for A/B split testing and Heap Analytics for in-app usage including reports for easy internal analysis. I frequently used Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Optimizely, and Heap Analytics when determining my next iteration of code or sales copy.

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