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adrw // Andrew Alexander


Projects, Skill(Google-Maps-API), Skill(Material-Design), Skill(HTML), Skill(CSS), Skill(Javascript ES5/ES6/ES7)1 min read

As part of the Atomic Rapid Prototyping Team, I was assigned to help build an MVP for portfolio company, Bungalow.

Bungalow is Airbnb for apartments. They target young professionals looking for an easier way to find apartments and roommates.

As an early staged startup, they have been working on testing demand and the business case for Bungalow, with as little programming as possible.

The team launched with a third party apartment management platform but were looking to build the listings into their own website for better brand management.

After consulting with the CEO of Bungalow on their requirements, we determined that a custom Squarespace page with hard coded JSON listing data would work as an MVP.

With a couple spare cycles between projects, I built the custom page in under 2 days and continues to be a great MVP for the Bungalow team.

Check out the work I did in the demo video below.

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