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adrw // Andrew Alexander

Progress Pebble

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I got my refurbished Pebble Original Black for $60 at the first Hack the North.

It was so cool, exciting, and hackable! At that point I had very little coding experience, but using my Pebble every day kept me thinking of what I wanted to build on it.

After biking to school for months with an old speed tracker on my bike, there were always two metrics I never had:

  • Average speed over my entire trip
  • Changes in my average trip speed over months of riding

I wanted to see if I was making any progress in my endurance and speed without always needing my phone.

So I started building on a Pebble app to solve this problem.

Make your dumb fitness tracker smart!

With a basic app called Progress, I could use my Pebble to track my progress as a cyclist. From my wrist I could:

  • Input my latest workout data on my Pebble
  • Track stats like average speed, total distance, and total time
  • Scroll through my recent workouts or trips
Screenshots from my Pebble.

Though I've stopped working on it, you can still install it from the Pebble store and check out the source code on Github.

Update Dec 7, 2016...I was really looking forward to my Kickstarter Time 2. Alas, it was not meant to be. Pebble is dead, Long live Pebble.

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