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Projects, Hackathon, Skill(Bloomberg API), Pitch, Skill(Video-Production)1 min read

Won Bloomberg API Prize at Hack the North 2014, see it on Devpost.

Built at Hack the North 2014, StockSlate let you analyze stock picks in real time with algorithms of the world's most successful investors. Using the Bloomberg API for stock data, you could choose a portfolio of stocks and then instantly see how these would stand up to the wisdom of Warren Buffet, Benjamin Graham, or Peter Lynch.

Our team of four built StockSlate with Angular.JS, Node.JS, and the Bloomberg API. I developed and tested the machine learning score algorithms for each investor profile that were used in the application. My algorithms leveraged standard deviations and logarithmic weightings similar to the Black-Scholes options pricing formula that won the Nobel Prize for Economics in 1997. I also produced the demo video and delivered the winning pitch to judging panels and sponsors.

We won the Bloomberg API Prize for most innovative use of their data at the competition. I wrote extensively about our experience at Hack the North 2014 building StockSlate on my blog:

We also received great feedback on Reddit r/investing.

"it looks very interesting, how many investor profiles will there be to compare with?" "Do you have a website where we can check this out yet please?" "great for two day effort. how do the investors know if it is a good time to buy?"

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