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adrw // Andrew Alexander

Raised on Black & Tans

Songs(Other), Songs

1G G
2I was raised on Black and Tans,
3 D G
4with Ronnie Drew, and Van the Man
6I go off to mass on Sunday
7 D G
8and then it's back to the pub on Monday
9 C
10I've got a sister Meghan
11 D
12with a Celtic cross tattoo
13 C
14I'll tell you a few stories
15 G D
16and every one of them is true
19C D
20My mother's, brother's, sister's, cousin's, auntie's
21 C D G
22Uncle Barney's, father's, brother had a counsin from Killarney
25Well my great-grandda, and his mates
26 D G
27they tried to make it to the States
29his great uncle, he was a failure
30 D G
31he got deported off to Australia
32 C
33so they stowed upon a steamer
34 D
35on the famous White Star Line
36 C
37I was raised upon these stories
38 G D
39since i was the age of nine
43Well my great uncle, he liked the races
44 D G
45he liked the dogs and steeplechases
47his wife, my dear old auntie
48 D G
49she kept a teashop way, way down in Bantry
50 C
51but he fixed a race in Donegal
52 D
53and now he's got to hide
54 C
55with the sticky buns and cakes and guns
56 G D
57and whiskey on the side
61I was raised on Black and Tans
62 D G
63with Ronnie Drew and Van the Man
65I go to mass on Sunday
66 D G
67and the it's back to the pub on Monday
68 C
69I'm from the wrong side of the south side
70 D
71of an Irish neighborhood
72 C
73I've never been to Ireland
74 G D
75but I know it's in my blood
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