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adrw // Andrew Alexander

All Who Are Thirsty

Songs, Songs(Worship)

1[Verse 1]
3All who are thirsty
4 Em7
5All who are weak
6 C2
7Come to the fountain
8 Am7 Em7 C
9Dip your heart in the stream of life
10 G
11Let the pain and the sorrow
12 Em7
13Be washed away
14 C2
15In the waves of his mercy
16 Am7 Em7 D
17As deep cries out to deep
19We sing
22[Chorus 1]
23G C2
24Come Lord Jesus come
25G C2
26Come Lord Jesus come
27G C2
28Come Lord Jesus come
31[Chorus 2]
32G C2
33Holy Spirit come
34G C2
35Holy Spirit come
36G C2
37Holy Spirit come
38G C2
39Holy Spirit come
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