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adrw // Andrew Alexander

Be Thou My Vision

Songs, Songs(Worship), Songs(Ukulele)

1Intro: D Gbm Bm G A D
3 Gbm Bm G A D
5Be Thou my vision oh lord of my heart
6A G A
7Not be all else to me save that Thou art
8Bm Gbm D G
9Thou my best thought, by day or by night
10D Gbm Bm G A D
11Waking or sleeping Thy presence my light
13Interlude: Bm Gbm D G
16D Gbm Bm G A D
17Be Thou my battle shield sword for the fight
18A G A
19Be Thou my dignity Thou my delight
20Bm Gbm D G
21Thou my soul's shelter Thou my high tower
22D Gbm Bm G A D
23Raise Thou me heavenward oh power of my power
26Gbm Bm G A D
27A G A
28Bm Gbm D G
29D Gbm Bm G A D...
32Gbm Bm G A D
33High king of heaven my victory won
34A G A
35May I reach heavens joys oh bright heaven's sun
36Bm Gbm D G
37Heart of my own heart whatever befall
38D Gbm Bm G A D
39Still be my vision oh ruler of all
40Gbm Bm G A D
41Oh still be my vision oh ruler of all
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