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adrw // Andrew Alexander

Good Good Father

Songs, Songs(Worship)

2G Gsus4 G (x2)
5[Verse 1]
6 G Gsus4 G
7Oh, I've heard a thousand stories
8G Gsus4 G
9Of what they think You're like
10G Gsus4 G
11But, I've heard the tender whisper
12G Gsus4 G
13Of love in the dead of night
14 C G/B
15And You tell me that You're pleased
16 Am7 D Dsus4 D
17And that I'm never alone
21 Cadd9
22You're a Good, Good Father
23 G/B
24It's who You are
25 Am7
26It's who You are
27 D
28It's who you are
29 Cadd9
30And I'm loved by You
31 G/B
32It's who I am
33 Am7
34It's who I am
35 D Dsus4 D
36It's who I am
39[Verse 2]
40 G Gsus4 G
41Oh, and I've seen many searching
42G Gsus4 G
43For answers far and wide
44 G Gsus4 G
45But I know we're all searching
46 G Gsus4 G
47For answers only You provide
48 C G/B
49‘Cause You know just what we need
50 Am7 D Dsus4
51Before we, say a word
55 Cadd9
56You're a Good, Good Father
57 G/B
58It's who You are
59 Am7
60It's who You are
61 D
62It's who you are
63 Cadd9
64And I'm loved by You
65 G/B
66It's who I am
67 Am7
68It's who I am
69 D Dsus4 D
70It's who I am
74 Cadd2 Em7
75‘Cause You are perfect in all of your ways
76Am7 G
77Perfect in all of your ways
78 Cadd9 Em7 D
79You are perfect in all of Your ways to us
80 Cadd9 Em7
81You are perfect in all of your ways
82 Am7 G
83Oh, You’re perfect in all of your ways
84 Cadd2 Em7 D
85You are perfect in all of Your ways to us
88[Verse 3]
89 G Gsus4 G
90Oh, it’s a love so un-deniable
91G Gsus4 G
92I, I can hardly speak
93G Gsus4 G
94Peace so un-explainable
96I, I can hardly think
97 C G/B
98As You call me deeper still
99 Am7 G/B
100As You call me deeper still
101 C G/B
102As You call me deeper still
103 Am7 D
104Into love, love, love
107[Tag] (x4)
108 Cadd9
109You're a Good, Good Father
110 G/B
111It's who You are
112 Am7
113It's who You are
114 D
115It's who you are
116 Cadd9
117And I'm loved by You
118 G/B
119It's who I am
120 Am7
121It's who I am
122 D Dsus4 D
123It's who I am
127Cadd9 G/B Am7 D Cadd9
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