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adrw // Andrew Alexander

How Deep The Father's Love For Us

Songs, Songs(Worship)

1G Am G C
2How deep the Father's love for us
3 G Em D
4How vast beyond all measure
5 G Am G C
6That He should give His only Son
7 G D G
8And make a wretch His treasure
11 G Am G C
12How great the pain of searing loss
13 G Em D
14The Father turns His face away
15 G Am G C
16As wounds which mar the Chosen One
17 G D G
18Bring many sons to glory
21 G Am G C
22Behold the Man upon the cross
23 G Em D
24My sin upon His shoulders
25 G Am G C
26Ashamed to hear my mocking voice
27 G D G
28Call out among the scoffers
31 G Am G C
32It was my sin that held Him there
33 G Em D
34Until it was accomplished
35 G Am G C
36His dying breath has brought me life
37 G D G
38I know that it is finished
41-- (Key Change) --
44 A Bm A D
45I will not boast in anything
46 A F#m E
47No gifts, no power, no wisdom
48 A Bm A D
49But I will boast in Jesus Christ
50 A E A
51His death and resurrection
54 A Bm A D
55Why should I gain from His reward?
56 A F#m E
57I cannot give an answer
58 A Bm A D
59But this I know with all my heart
60 A E A
61His wounds have paid my ransom [x2]
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