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adrw // Andrew Alexander

Lord of Lords

Songs, Songs(Worship)

2C#m E B, C#m E B A, C#m E B A
6C#m E B A
7Beholding your beauty is all I long for
8C#m E B
9To worship You Jesus with my soul's desire
10A E B C#m
11For this very heart you have shaped for your pleasure
12 A B E
13For the purpose to lift your name high
15C#m E B A
16Hear and surrender in pure adoration
17C#m E B A
18I enter your courts with an offering of praise
19A E B C#m
20I am your servant come to bring you glory
21A B E
22As is fit for the work of your hands
25Now Unto the Lamb
26 E
27Who sits on the throne
28 B C#m A
29Be glory and honour and praise
30A E
31All of creation resounds with the song
32B A
33Worship and praise the Lord of Lords
35 C#m E B A
36The spirit now living and dwelling within me
37C#m E B
38Keep my eyes fixed ever upon Jesus' face
39A E B C#m
40Let not the things of this world ever sway me
41A B E
42I'll run 'till I finish the race
44 A
45Singing unto the Lamb
46 E
47Who sits on the throne
48 B C#m A
49Be glory and honour and praise
50A E A E
51All of creation resounds with the song (2nd time All of eternity echoes the song)
52B A
53Worship and praise the Lord of Lords
54 (x2)
58C#m B A
59Holy Lord
60 E
61You are Holy
62C#m B A
63Jesus Christ
64 E
65Is the Lord
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