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adrw // Andrew Alexander

Day 1: Bangkok

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Lunch with Amber and Matthew

We had the privilege to get connected with Amber and Matthew through the pastor who married Suzie and I. Amber and Matthew have lived all over Europe and now in Thailand as missionaries so we were excited to hear their experience and perspective on the city over lunch.

Arriving before us with their 7 month old, they were so welcoming wanting to learn about our story and suggesting their favourite dishes at the restaurant, Le Rêve Garden& Eatery.

We learned a lot from them on life and coming to God with open hands, grateful for what we’re given but not gripping right onto our current circumstances.

They gave us many helpedul tips and places to check out for our trip too including where to get a cheap hair cut, a trusted Thai massage parlour, and recommended Lumphini Park, Asiatique night market, and seeing all the over the top Christmas decorations on the side by side malls on Sukhumvit Road.

Many thanks to them for taking some time out of their life to spend with us.

\$5 Haircut

120 Baht for a haircut from a barber who spoke no English. I think it turned out great!

120 Baht Barber

Travel SIM

According to Amber and Matthew, the travel SIM at the airport is the best deal around. $400-800 Baht (~$16-32CAD) for 12GB data over 15 days.

“O Canada, our home and good-cell-planless land...”

Lumphini Park

This Central Park of Bangkok was filled with locals going on a run and taking full advantage of the work out playground and even open air gym with weights.


This tourist friendly night market still had a good mix of affordable food and every type of clothing or backpack or souvenir you could think of. It was packed with people even on a Tuesday night and has a complimentary shuttle boat that will pick you up from the train station up the river (though we didn’t end up taking that).

Try and find a seat by the river and enjoy the reflection of the Bangkok night cruises as the lights and sounds ripple across the Chao Phraya River.

Grab, the hero we deserve

Grab, even for its shortfalls in drivers calling you (you don’t have to pick up) and their not supporting regular credit cards... is still much better than taxi.

For example, we tried to take a taxi back from Asiatique on the river. After a block of repeatedly asking what hotel we were going to and us trying to explain our Airbnb location in a soi (alley) the driver finally understood that we were going to an apartment, an Airbnb, and exclaimed that we needed to take another taxi.

We got out at the next block, booked a Grab, and it arrived in 2 minutes. Our guess is that the taxis around the touristy Asiatique night market have a deal with the hotels to transport guests back and forth.

Grab is great, when they finally arrive, since they already have your address loaded up and you can avoid haphazardly trying to explain an address in a foreign language.

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